Distillateur français de whisky biologique

French artisanal producer

French artisanal and organic whisky distillery

The distillery

Located in the heart of the ‘Pays des Sources et Vallées’ in the Picardie region of Northern France, Ergaster is an artisanal whisky distillery, whose products are also certified as being organic.

The distillery’s founder, Hervé Grangeon, boasts over 25 years of professional experience in distillation, gaining the title of ‘Master Artisan Distiller’ in 2016.

Our whisky is distilled exclusively in a copper pot still, manufactured in Bordeaux by Stupfler. This still allows Ergaster distillers to better bring out the flavours of our whisky with a softness, delicacy and a remarkably rich set of aromas.

whisky biologique made in France, par la distillerie Ergaster

Discover our products

Distillateur français de whisky biologique

Do you have any questions about our distillery? Do you want to come and visit us to see first hand our distillation process and taste our wonderful products? Or, are you the more hands-on type? If so, we offer one-day courses at our distillery, where you can come and get practical experience and gain a deeper understanding of the whisky making process. Alternatively, our distillery shop welcomes you to come and pick up a bottle or two to try at home.


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