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Whisky and Pure Malt

distillation d'un whisky bio : choix de céréales biologiques made in france


Barley is the only grain used in the making of our whisky and pure malts. We select only the finest, locally sourced, organic barley from the Hauts de France region for our distillation. Once it has been harvested, our barley is dried in order to preserve it and make sure that we have a healthy supply all year round.

Malting process

The malting stage of the production process consists of ‘awakening’ the character which is lying dormant in our barley. This is achieved by ‘re-humidifying’ the barley by soaking it and maintaining it in a humid and well-ventilated environment at around 20°c in order to kick-start the germination process. As soon as the sprouts have grown about 1 to 2 millimetres, the barley, having become malt, is dried again in order to be stored.

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Distillation d'un whisky bio : étape du brassage


We have partnered with the Brasserie Uberach in Alsace in order to benefit from the quality of their products and their mastery of technique. We share with the Brasserie Uberach team a passion for artisan production. The two main steps, brewing and fermentation, are carried out to bring to our fermented mash the unique flavours and aromas of malted barley and selected yeast.

Whiskies biologiques de production artisanale française


We distil our fermented mash in our Stupfler pot still, which has been awarded a mark of excellence by the French Government. This still, which is operated with the use of a naked flame, allows us to extract all the unique flavours and aromas from our malts and yeast.

Distillation d'un whisky bio : première étape
Distillation d'un whisky bio : l'assemblage des whiskies
Whiskies biologiques de production artisanale française


In our storehouse, we dedicate ourselves to researching the delicate relationship between the flavours of our spirits and our oak casks. We use a double maturation process. First, our spirits are aged in new oak casks and then in mature oak casks which have been previously used in the maturation of alcohol in France.

Whiskies biologiques de production artisanale française


We produce only single malts. In addition, we work only with casks which come from our own storehouse. We are very strict when it comes to what ends up in our bottles, only selecting casks which have matured to our high standards. Our ingredients are perfectly married in order to ensure that you find a beautiful harmony of flavours which reflect each step of the production process in every bottle.

Distillation d'un whisky bio : étape de l'assemblage